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In thousands of years of Chinese cooking history, there are many delicious Chinese foods from different cooking styles.  Such as the Beijing and Shanghai gourmet cooking from North of China; the South of Cantonese Cuisine, the West of Szechuan  and the Eastern Cooking and so on...

There is Chinese proverb about Chinese cuisine: “Eat in Guangzhou”.  It means the best place to eat is in Guangzhou. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province of China (called Canton by North America) . In the other words, the best place to eat is in Canton where Cantonese cooking has evolved over time. 

Szechuan is another province has evolved one of the best cooking style, it’s delicious hot and spicy dishes are widely recognized by western and globally.

Won Ton Soup Chinhon Restaurant offers both Cantonese and Szechuan dishes to satisfy your appetite. To ensure our customer's satisfaction, all our delicious Chinese foods are well prepared by our genuine Chinese chefs. Don't worry if you haven't get use to chopsticks yet, you can enjoy our foods with forks and knives or even fingers licking...anyway you want just like at home. With our delicious Chinese foods, friendly staff and great services, pretty sure you will enjoy your meal and time well spend with us.


You can find the menu and services on the top hyperlinks. Please call us at 613-838-5555 to make reservation or place an order for takeout/delivery.






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